Re-discuss put oneself in someone else's shoes
Author: Gilbert Chen
The human history, most parts are in war period. It seems that if it is not war, then cannot entering the record of history. Since after sensible often think about this issue, does killing is that the nature of human? Is exhausted all resources then can create the glory of life. After school and enter the workplace, the society of economic is no more the killing world, instead everyone is seeking for self-value, the civilized competition period of find the suitable position in workplace, era from the history method of took knife, gun and compare military force, turns to competition of strategy and wisdom. On the feeling, more in line with God chose a good place like earth, and the purpose to let human to reproduce and develop. However, competition is to compare, this win, then radiant; that lost, then step down with dim, in essence, it is a war. Is that the essence of life competition? Demand is a fundamental factor of competition. If we can use empathy to meet the needs of others, life will from competition change to cooperation.
During the agriculture and animal husbandry of human history, land is major factor for survive. With land and then have the chance for survive. The simple way to fight for land is force. So, from individual, village, society and country, all hope to occupy more zone of influence, so, the war became the history of human. With the development of the times, society began from Europe enter industrial society, Human from small area movement, enter to big area action, but the thought of human, did not moralized because of material progress, self-interest is still the leading factor of social progress. Europe has expanded its own power by industrial progress. Powerful colonized other vulnerable ethnic groups, in essence, is still the era of jungle law. The Ideal country from Plato has started to reflect, how to create a harmonious and successful society and world. Although national competition is still in the mode of force competition, the competition in society has gradually entered the stage of competition with strategy and wisdom. The fairness of society because of the standardization of laws, is no longer the way of compare fist. Empathy is not a spindle of philosophical thought, but should be an important factor of the long-term stability and harmonious development for an enterprise.
The coopetition relations among nations are rather complicated, and also cannot be said clearly by some words. Inter-company cooperation relation, that is the main point empathy want to analysis, between companies some can long-term cooperation, but some soon broke up. Cooperation represents the group operating system of two or more aspects. Everyone or group all has its own operating system or working method, often because of differences in operating systems, different ways of working method, between companies and between individuals will start a dispute. People's thinking is often only taking their own mode of operation or convenience into account, self-convenience often cause each other's inconvenience, empathy can make each other feel our intentions and expertise, both sides will in good nature toward a more positive and close relation development.
In social communication, the unification of product name communication, to achieve each other has the same recognition of products, but electronic materials name cannot be unified, each company will have his own item number, when we communicate with different companies, use their company’s material number as communication tools, there will be no mistake. Simple empathy, can let each other communication simplistic.
In recent years, network communications more and more developed, every company all hope to find an working model of efficiency, so, some companies develop manufacturers entering their own network system every day to obtain purchase order information, when delivery entering the network system to input the delivery information, But in the manufacturer's point of view is exactly the opposite situation, at first glance is very reasonable, also in line with the efficiency point of view. If a vendor has 10 customers, every day need to enter the website of 10 clients, which is more complicated than non-network operations.
PSI always uphold the empathy, reasonable process of both efficiency as a mode of cooperation between customers and manufacturers. PSI also hopes to use the Internet as each other’s communication access. However, we hope to provide the information need to give to customers and manufacturers with information in the format of customers and manufacturers. Even if customers, manufacturers can accept, then adopt the system and system database communication mode, directly transfer the information that customers, manufacturers need to their system.
Empathy is an thinking model of altruism, It can make a company grow up harmoniously, can also make family society more warm, In line with God expected society that people to love and help each other.