Your Trust, Our Survival
Author: Gilbert Chen
A company should have a long-term vision to reach, and then which can achieve permanent existence value. PSI set the vision from the beginning of establishment to assist the products design marketing company to do a good logistics support job. In other word is “To be an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of small to middle volume and multi-product route customer.” Good relationship between customer and vendor is an indispensable important factor to maintain long-term development as an OEM. Trust is the necessary way to maintain the relations for each other. Therefore, PSI take “Trust Achieve Eternal” as the company criterion of development.

- Customer satisfaction of quality, delivery, price, and services

The source of trust is from satisfactory services. PSI’s quality policy is “To meet customer’s requirements by producing, quality, delivering and services.” I often reverse to remind the company's colleagues that the first priority is satisfactory service. PSI is an OEM that does not have its own products. The main products of OEM are the production system - the establishment of BOM, the system of order production, the production of work orders, the purchase of materials, the control of the feed delivery time, the mastery of production time, the quality control, transparency of the logistics system, professionalism of customer communication, maintenance of intellectual property rights, etc. Any link processing fail, will get the complaints from the customer. In addition, these promoted products represented by another word that is service; including quality and delivery is a part of the OEM, so, the company whole goal as a simple word that is “Services.”

- Automatic data collection and transparency

To do an excellent OEM as mentioned above, PSI started to plan and build transparent standard system and data collection system from 2012. On the one hand, we let all of the operations be standard through institutional planning. Will not cause the unexpected faults of product operation system by people replacement and causing customer distrust of company service. On the other hand, through automatic information collections, we let operation information statue quickly present to the management staff, if there are operation deviations, manager will find problems in time and improve right away. Until 2018 today, the information collection system is running smoothly in PSI now. We entered another phase - exception management automation. It’s popular to do big data collection and analysis in the world recently. The big data collection purpose of PSI is also doing exception management and exception analysis and solution. To find problem from every day produced data, which will waste labor and time and no promise to find the problem, so, how to let the exception data can automatic show out, in the past one or two years, is the PSI units work hard to plan and operate direction.

- Information exchange platform customization

The automation and transparency of information collection is the basis for the company's internal trust. If we can share all customer related data with customer, then the believability with customer can also reach another stage. PSI has completed the customer communication platform now. Customer can login our customer communication system from Cloud and get the necessary information, such as product transferred technical data in PSI system. For example, to get customer technology data which saved in PSI inner and change to data file in PSI format, customer ordering condition, feed of ordered material and delivery condition, customer-specific materials that is customer supply storage condition, production instant data, after the production, and the serial number used to query the production history data, etc.
Sustainable development is the wishes for all company. Expect PSI use trust as purpose long -term management systems. The major purpose is customer’s satisfaction and well devselopment. Wish all of the hard workings would let our friends know more and become the partners of PSI. PSI will be the strongest supporter and let our customers have perfect products to promote and grow up rapidly.