Pronology Services Inc. 2012 fire control lecture and Safety Guide

Author:Edwin Lin

Everyone needs to know the fire safety. It is about people's lives and property. We invited lecturer Cheng Jian-guo. He has more than ten years experiences in fire safety. I believe, Cheng Jian-guo will help us to learn about the importance of fire safety.

Firstly, our lecturer started with essential response to fires hazard, and important key points. When the fire starts, the first reaction should be to the put out a fire rather than escape that is to minimize the damage at the lowest. However, with different type of fire, there are different ways to respond, and it could cause more harm if using the wrong way.

Example: oil fires (Class B) and electrical fires (Class C). Normally the first instinct is to use water to put out fire, however, oil is lighter than water, using water will only increase the fire condition. When electricity encounters water, it also makes huge current and could cause harm to death.

Normally the cause of fire is by electrical fire and it accounts of 31.9% overall, the proportion of residential fires caused by electrical is as high as 44.6%. They are mostly caused by wires or sockets. It is important to learn the proper way of using wires and extension cords, etc. The power outlet should be kept clean to avoid overload.

The lecturer also asked whether there are fire alarms and fire extinguishers at ours living environment. Another concern is that installed iron bars on the window could hinder the getaway, although it is to prevent thieves.

Next, the lecturer gave instruction on how to properly use a fire extinguisher. The three steps of using fire extinguisher is to "pull, pull, press.” first is to pull the jumper, the second is to pull the rubber tube, and then press the fire extinguisher. At last, hold the spray hose slightly below to the center of fire. Do not swing the tube. The lecturer demonstrated and picked one of us to demonstrate for the class.

The workshop’s main purpose is to help everyone to have a basic knowledge of fire safety to prevent fire hazard. It is everyone’s responsibility to know it with right knowledge.

Chinese Association of Fire Protection