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Pronology Services Inc. (PSI-TWN), founded on Oct, 1, 1999, is a contract manufacturing oriented (EMS) company with expertise in Information Technology. We provide production from SMT, DIP, Testing, Assembly to Package. We have implemented the lead-free technology since early 2004. To innovate our technology of processes and products at the leading edge is always our principal objective. On the way of keeping progress, we promise to provide the best services for our customers continuously.>>[More]
Empathetic and humble
Author : Gilbert Chen
First Scenario:
Buyer A: "Mr. Chang, I just faxed a purchase order to you. Delivery time is one week, make sure there will be no delay and the product is of good quality. If any problem happens again, I'm going to switch to another vendor."
Vendor B: "Another urgent order, bad attitude, who do you think you are? When our business gets better, we'd be happy if you leave.">>[More]
If you are a customer of PSI or the supplier, you can login PSI MIS system and search for relevant real-time information. (e.g., scheduling, delivery, material conditions, etc...)
If you do not have the login ID and password, please consult your contacts in our company for the service.