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Yenom Technology Services Inc., founded on Oct, 1, 1999, is a contract manufacturing oriented (EMS) company who expertise in Information Technology field production through SMT, DIP, Testing, Assembly to Package. We implemented the Lead free technology in early 2004. To innovate our technology of processes and products at the leading edge is always our majority. On the way of keeping progress, we promise to provide the best services for our customers continuously.>>[More]
Corporate future under fast changed environments
Author : Gilbert
The interaction mode between people has been changed by the progress of Network. Management ways of corporation have also been changed by Network. It still keeps going on with the progress of Network. If you keep pace with the new technologies, you will see two new trends these days. One is IoT, and the other is Big Data. They make life easier. >>[More]
Pronology Services Inc.-(EMS)Culture
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研騰科技股份有限公司 Pronology Services Inc.
6F,NO.48,Wu-Chuan Rd,Wu-Ku Industrial Park New, Taipei City 24886,Taiwan,R.O.C.
電話(TEL):886-2-8990-3100 傳真:+886-2-8990-3170
國內業務聯繫窗口(Domestic Sales Contact Window):domestic@pronology.com.tw
國外業務聯繫窗口(Domestic Sales Contact Window) : international@pronology.com.tw.
研勤電子(深圳)有限公司 Pronology Services(China)Inc.
Zhongtai Road,2nd Industrial Zone,Lou Village,Gongming Street,Guangming District,
電話(TEL):86-0755-29694096 傳真:+86-0755-29694045
國內業務聯繫窗口(Domestic Sales Contact Window):domestic@pronology.com.cn
國外業務聯繫窗口(Domestic Sales Contact Window) : international@pronology.com.cn